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We are both individually and as a team stoked with our choice of planner after seeing you at work today. Our daughter also arrived home impressed by an article she read in a law journal today about a mentoring programme that featured you, so well done.

R. McGregor

Thank you very much for your input and insights yesterday and also for the presentation earlier in the week.

J. Bevan - Auckland Council

I have been a client of O'Connor Planning Consultants for approx. 6 years and during that time Burnette O'Connor dealt with a number of planning and resource consent matters on my behalf, including two matters that went to the Environment Court.

I was very satisfied with the quality of O'Connor Planning Consultants' work. Applications, reports and Briefs of Evidence were prepared in a timely and professional manner. Deadlines were always met. Conflict situations were managed calmly and professionally, and Burnette was always able to suggest a range of ways to resolve issues that arose. Her ability to listen and work with others with divergent views made it possible to solve problems, find solutions and to move forward, even in difficult and stressful situations.

O'Connor Planning Consultants are well regarded in our local community due to their professionalism, consistency and integrity.

T. Allen

I would sincerely like to thank our expert witnesses ... for the depth, clarity and quality of evidence prepared in a very short time that addressed all the major issues raised by submitters and clearly communicated the technical aspects of the application to the commissioners.

M. Maitland - Auckland Council

Thanks for the email and for checking up. I have been meaning to email you all at OPC and thank you for all the work you have done. We are in reciept of the final decision and are happy with the outcome.

T. Lane

Burnette, just a quick note to thanks to you and Diana for your work over the past 2 weeks and the way you acted and presented during the hearings. Please pass on my thanks to Diana for producing her thoughts in writing at the end - she was a lot clearer and more specific than most of the others and it makes our job easier.

W. Smith - Independent Hearing Commissioner

Thank you again for all your great work in putting this together. It was a great application, and we are very proud of it. It is our current 'coffee table' book, and everyone that comes around has a look.

We will certianly be recommending your services to anyone we know who needs a resource consent.

M. Dashper

The O'Connor Planning Consultancy have been engaged as preferred Consultant Planners for Rodney District Council since 2006. Within that period their planners have assessed and reported on a variety of resource consent applications ranging from minor yard infringements to large scale residential subdivision proposals and major commercial developments.

Given their experience and proven track record of efficent processing of consents, O'Connors were asked to assess the more complex applications submitted to Rodney. Their thorough knowledge of the RMA and their conscientious attitude ensured that the work was both accurate and efficiently produced.

O'Connors possess the ability to thoroughly assess and manage a wide range of development proposals, to formulate comprehensive, well balanced reports and to make considered, reasoned judgements and decisions. Their recommendations and decisions were highly regarded, with the Council consents team, by elected members and by external customers.

A great attribute Burnette has instilled in the team at O'Connors is their willingness to seek solutions to issues and impart reasoned advice.

The team at O'Connors have excellent professional aptitude and have been able to represent Council's interests to the required high standards.

I. Dobson - Auckland Council

Thanks for the great job you did and your commitment to the case ... which wasn't an easy one. We all admire your energy and ability.

J. Haswell

Burnette and Diana have worked with intelligence and diligence in applying their depth of knowledge in resource planning to present our application. They are always professional and we find they also work extremely well bringing together the team of consultants on this application.

Julie and Ken Lim

Decision attached. This was easy to do fast because you gave us everything we needed. This saves us time and saves your client money.

Lindsey Rea

Hi Burnette

That is really the best option we could have asked for....

Thank you very much for all your hard work on this - you're doing a brilliant job for us.


K Ashworth, Warkworth Wellsford Hospice

On behalf of the team I just want to thank you for the energy, skill and persistence that have helped us get to this significant milestone.

Having worked my way through a few consents (when Burnette was on the other side of the fence!) I know what an effort this has been. And Kathryn is quite right, I was expecting a host of conditions relating to the commercial activity but in fact the consent is very light in that department.

So thank you...Kind regards

Darryl Soljan, Warkworth Wellsford Hospice

Thank you, it has been easy working with you both. Look forward to the next one I can pass your way.

Kind Regards,

Mark Squire - Keith Hay Homes Warkworth

Hi Burnette

This is great news. 

I must say it has all gone very smoothly from our perspective so thank you for your professional expertise in taking this through the hoops for us.

Warm regards

Mathew & Vanessa Vujcich

Hi Burnette,

I just want to say thank you very much for your help in getting consent for my little cottage. Have just spoken to Diana. Bizarre that they want it painted the same as the house! It's such a cute little wooden dwelling. But…… if that is all they want, consider it done! 

I'm very happy, thank you again x

Shelley McWilliams

Thanks Burnette! You legend. So glad we have you managing this - we'd be getting walked all over right now.

Luke Grayson

You certainly made a daunting experience much easier! Greatly appreciated and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to others.

Alexis Fletcher

That is the best Xmas present, Merry Xmas to you too, could you please forward the final accepted plan at your convenience and have a great Xmas.

Thank James for his valiant efforts much appreciated.

Your happy Customer

Paul Manton

Hi Diana - I just wanted to congratulate you for your submission at the OWIL hearing today; really well considered, prepared and delivered, and clearly made a significant impact on the commissioners. Great work.

Jack Turner, Tektus Consultants Ltd

What they say...

Decision attached. This was easy to do fast because you gave us everything we needed. This saves us time and saves your client money. …read more

Lindsey Rea